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System Integration


Bangladesh based only 24 hours news channel was initially integrated and commissioned by Real Impact’s team with equipment leased out to the channel. Integration involved setting up of floor cameras, temporary MCR and PCR which ran 24x7continuously till the time CSB was able to procure and install it’s own equipment.

Janmat/Live India News Channel

We had provided them with setup for two floors of 6 cam multi setup on each floor, with two PCRS that they ran simultaneously for different programmes and News anchoring. Technical manpower and support was also provided by Real Impact and we ran this setup for 3 years.

HT News

An upcoming business news channel is integrated and designed by Real Impact in New Delhi, MCR and our technical team runs PCR. It has a 6 cam multi setup on floor with Ikagame HL-65 cameras, 64x64 Router, Matrix Communication and the server is PLAYBOX and the whole station is run on an apple based solution called BUG Tv.

PTC News

A successful regional news channel that was implicated designed and commissioned by the capable Real Impact Technical and operations teams. Together in a shortest given time span they procured, tested and successfully put together a custom made News channel fulfilling all the Broadcast requirements. Shooting floors, playout stations, servers, edit bays, online graphics machines etc are the heart of this channel and till date since last 4years our technical teams are giving full operational support and maintenance to the channel.